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Dec 6, 2010
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Today brought the first snow of the season. As I donned my heavy coat and grabbed my gloves, I suddenly wondered why I would want to choose today to take my uninitiated husband for his first visit to Norris Lake.

Norris Lake Tennessee during the winter

The promise of the brisk winter at Norris Lake is surely in contrast to the balmy summer days here but that contradiction is no criticism. We drove along the main road into the park as the wisps of the season’s first snow danced an exquisite ballet across our windshield.We turned off a side road to have a look around the Grist Mill and Threshing Barn nestled near the woods alongside a stream. We were the only visitors, save for a few young white-tailed deer running through the fields along the lake. (This same group later posed for some photos for us, thanks guys.) We walked around the rustic old mill and barn, taking in the great history and the beautiful winter scene beginning around us. Our frosty breath aside, the stark beauty of the barren trees and hills surrounding us was not unlike the lush beauty found here in summer.

Even though it is too cold for swimming and water sports, there isn’t a lack of things to do at Norris Lake this time of year.  The many marinas along the nearly 900 miles of picturesque shoreline offer rental cottages, cabins, and motel rooms.  There are miles of hiking trails; especially in the state park area along the dam.  Norris Lake provides a secluded escape from the rote pressures of the holidays. You can enjoy the many restaurants at the marinas dotting the shoreline, take in the pink-hued sunsets, or just sit on your cabin’s screened-in porch and wait for the deer and dozens of other forest friends to stop by.

-Allie Hammond



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Norris Lake, Tennessee