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Dec 15, 2010
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Norris, TN

Even though it was chilly outside, we ventured into the small town of Norris, TN; just adjacent to magnificent Norris Lake. Often overlooked, this town’s quaint little square has a wonderful hometown feel straight from the 1950’s.  Here is a story of true Americana where everybody knows everyone and their Colonial homes and cozy cottages that dot the tree-lined neighborhood overlooking the square are very charming and picturesque. With street names such as Crescent Road, Orchard Road, and Oak Road, one’s imagination can almost envision what we enjoyed.

As we passed by The Commons located along the main road, aptly named Norris Square, we noticed all the park benches situated to offer a complete view of the giant old trees raising their newly barren arms in surrender to the season. Squirrels ran around playing with complete abandon, as if knowing the cold, green lawns were theirs alone this day.

Archers-Norris, Tn

Archers Food Store in Norris, TN

The town of Norris is very self-sufficient boasting it’s own post office, library, municipal building, police/fire station and also a service station. All of these services are located directly across the street from the Archer’s Food Center and the Norris Drug Store that serves hearty, home-style breakfasts and wonderful burgers and shakes at an authentic soda fountain counter.

Slap-ya-mama hot spice

Cajun Spice

Archer’s Food Store stocks typical grocery store fare and also offers an impressive assortment of organic products such as the “Slap Ya Mama” Cajun Spice which we couldn’t pass up!  The modern scan and “blip” type register went awry on this particular day and so the need to do the adding by punching it in on the older-model register was called for. The young girl who helped us was very gracious and patient, smiling throughout and offering a sweet joke about how she “never really trusts machines.”

There is also the Norris Café and Poppy’s Place outside the town square that both serve up delicious dishes, should you choose to venture out of your cabin or cottage. You might even want to grab take out and head back to your houseboat. The town of Norris offers a nice outing when looking for something to do while enjoying the majestic wintry beauty of the lake and it’s surrounding mountains. Get out, breathe in the freshly chilled air and enjoy strolling through this little gem of a town.

-Allie Hammond



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Norris Lake, Tennessee