Norris Lake Horseback Riding

norris lake horseback riding

Go Horseback Riding at Norris Lake. Follow some of the dedicated horse trails along the flowing banks of Norris Lake. Ride into the hills and feed your adventuresome side.

Saddle up for an exhilarating ride on horseback and enjoy the scenic views and historic civil war areas that surround Norris Lake. Professional riding companies offer unique and custom trail packages that are tailored to the skill level of your group and an experienced wrangler will guide you through the trails, so you can be sure to hit all of the best locations. Free style recreational rides let you explore ridges, springs and diverse wildlife along the trails or even take an exotic swim in the lake on horseback.

If you are a dedicated or beginning rider, enthusiastic about training there are arena facilities offer private riding lessons to students of all ages. Trainers will instruct you every step of the way from beginner to experienced to help you reach your goals and get the best performance from your horse.

If you own your own horse, there are convenient centers in the area that provide boarding where your horse will be well cared for. Health and training needs will be given individualized attention with high quality feeds, training and conditioning, and hand walking and grooming that are specialized for needs of your horse and the rider.



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