Norris Lake Floating Home Rentals

norris lake floating home rentals

Why settle for being near the water when you can be on it? Floating homes put you right on the water and are a unique, nontraditional alternative to cabins, RVs and other lakeside living. This truly unforgettable getaway combines all of the comforts of a land-based residence with the whimsy of a dreamlike drift on the water. Boat owners and renters will be delighted at the convenience of having their boat docked and ready from the moment they wake up in the morning. Kids and teens will love being able to walk onto the deck and jump right in the water. You can fish right off the front porch and watch as the sunset dazzles off of the lake and bathes you in a glow, like you’ve never seen before.

Several floating home owners around Norris Lake rent out their fully equipped homes to vacationers. Homes are well cared for, fully furnished and have all utilities included with full size kitchens, television, stereo systems, bedding, outdoor grilling and much more. There is also plenty of space to dock multiple boats, jet skis and other water toys.

Hooked on the experience and can’t get enough? Buy your own floating home and enjoy the year-round luxury! Of course you can always rent it out and make a profit off of your purchase when you aren’t around to take advantage of the luxury.


One of the most unique ways to experience Norris Lake is to stay on it…literally! Floating homes can be a fabulous way to spend a long weekend retreat to east Tennessee. With over 800 miles of coastline, you can stay close to town, or move down the river and really find some peace and quiet for yourself.


Check some of our floating home rentals today. Experience Norris lake in style and on the water. Feel free to check out some of the featured lisitngs at as well.

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